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" The Raw Green Chica has done for me what no other weight loss program has ever done before. I not only shed pounds, but I now eat and live a completely healthy holistic lifestyle."

Jessica H.

“Jennifer is an incredible firecracker of a woman. She has helped so many moms like me who forget about ME as a priority, and most importantly she helped me with her programs “bring my sexy back” in my 40s!! AMAZING!! ”


“Jennifer has CHANGED my life sooo much!!! I used to be overweight and was a TOXIC time bomb waiting to explode, but she helped save me from all the damage I was doing to my body. ”


"I never really stopped to take a good look at my health and wellness until I came across Jen's program (referred by a friend). 6 months later I'm excited to stop and look into the mirror at the fabulous person looking back at me. Jen, you are awesome!"