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15 Reasons you MUST drink wheatgrass

By Jennifer Colalillo March 30, 2015 In Holistic Lifestyle 0 Comments.

Wheatgrass?! That doesn’t sound very appealing to be drinking grass. I get it, I get it!

Just hear me out first before you make your conclusion.

In 1968 “Dr. Ann Wigmore, Teacher, Healer, Living Foods Lifestyle® Founder and Center Director and Author of numerous books and articles on Living Foods, dedicated her life to educating the world about the transforming qualities” of using wheatgrass along with a healthy living lifestyle to treat people with chronic disorders and eliminating cancerous growth for over 30 years.

Did you know that with only 2 ounces of this miracle elixir it is equivalent to you having 5 pounds of the best high quality, raw and organic vegetables you could ever juice and drink!


So even though this may not taste or sound appealing to drink, here are 15 reasons you MUST be drinking wheatgrass.


  1. Clears skin problems while adding a beautiful glow
  2. Increases energy levels
  3. Improves digestion
  4. High in enzymes which most diets are lacking in
  5. Is a complete plant based protein
  6. Is a natural anti-inflammatory medicine
  7. Slows the aging process by increasing red blood cell count
  8. Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  9. The MOST powerful detoxifier
  10. Fights tumors
  11. Tightens loose skin
  12. Aids in weight loss
  13. Master Cleanse for the liver
  14. Aids with prevention of cancer
  15. High in oxygen content which is beneficial for rebuilding after radiation treatments

Listen, it doesn’t have to be like a shot, it can mixed in another drink or smoothie to get you started as you integrate it into your daily routine.

I have created a Slimming Detox Smoothie e-book that has a great variety of how to mix in wheatgrass and/or other greens into smoothies that will having questioning if there is even greens in it.

     For more info: Slimming Detox Smoothies

I recommend that you always consume fresh pressed or even frozen ice cubes first, but I understand not everyone is willing to do this, so your next best thing is to consume a high quality, organic powder as a secondary option.

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If you are curious to learn more about Dr. Ann Wigmore you can check out her institute that continues to teach her lifes work. HERE

         Note: This is not a medical replacement for any health disorder. Please do your reseach and speak to a physician before any changes to your medical health regime.

Jennifer Colalillo

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