Jennifer Colalillo

Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Expert, Detox Specializing

Hello Friends,

This is Jennifer Colalillo aka “The Raw Green Chica”. First off Thanks for coming and checking out my site!

Here is a short and sweet little version of who I am..

“I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Expert, and Detox Specializing Chica!”

Let me address a question I get asked all the time first…

NOOO I am not naturally skinny and I had to really change my eating habits and lifestyle to be where I am at today. Who would have thought that after a rough day, a quick jog around the block to clear my head turned around and had me feeling amazing about myself! I was hooked and did it again and again and started to slowly take out all the junk I was feeding myself.

I started this health journey over a decade ago with personal training, nutrition consulting, and yoga teaching right out of school. I realized that there was an element missing as to why people where not fully balanced and really getting the results they wanted after 2 hours of training days  and very strict diet I went off to study Holistic Nutrition and Specialized in many Detox Certifications afterwards. I am STILL learning and will always be!

I was just sick and tired of being and seeing people “sick and tired” and decided enough of the stomach pains, weight gaining, eczema eruptions, and the run arounds from all these “so called experts”. It was time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. No more starving diets, no more processed nasty foods, and to just teach people to eat more delicious and simple foods again…The way nature intended us to eat!

So stick with me and find out what secrets I’ve got up my sleeve to help restore your body back to its best self!

Jen xx

Jeniffer Colalillo

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