DIY Tinted Moisturizer Makeup

By Jennifer Colalillo April 15, 2015 In Holistic Lifestyle 0 Comments.

Have you ever tried to wear natural makeup and it just doesn’t cut it? or have you worn make up and it ends up making you look older and dries out your skin making you

Wheat grass juice on white background

15 Reasons you MUST drink wheatgrass

By Jennifer Colalillo March 30, 2015 In Holistic Lifestyle 0 Comments.

Wheatgrass?! That doesn’t sound very appealing to be drinking grass. I get it, I get it! Just hear me out first before you make your conclusion. In 1968 “Dr. Ann Wigmore, Teacher, Healer, Living Foods

Glasses with fresh vegetable juices in the garden. Detox diet

I <3 Juicing: Everything You Need to Know About Juicing

By dsquared January 7, 2015 In Holistic Lifestyle 0 Comments.

If you are mistaking juicing for the latest useless “fad” diet, you are wrong! Juicing is not a fad, or a “diet!”  Many of us have heard about juicing, and know that there are many