How Can I Lose Weight With a Holistic Diet

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The road to healthy and successful weight loss can be a rocky one. There are so many differentiStock_000008435901_Small fads and diets that are constantly becoming available. It can be really hard to know where you, and your needs, fit into all of it, and which program is right for you.

The key to getting the weight off, and keeping the weight off, is to find a holistic nutritional program that addresses all three components of successful weight-loss: nutrition, physiology, and psychology.

The Raw Green Chica, Jennifer Colalillo, a certified holistic nutritionist, can help you to get your life and body back on track. The Green Chicas Model is a holistic program designed to have you feeling and looking fabulous.

Why a Holistic Diet?

The funny thing is, a holistic diet is really not a diet, in the traditional sense, at all. When using the term “diet,” we are simply describing what your nutritional intake will look like.

In contrast, there are some elements to most “diets” that can be deemed valuable, but often, the problem is that fad diets concentrate on one area of  weight-loss: like “low-carb,” “low-fat,” and “low-calorie.” Some of the programs can be rigid, time-consuming, and full of complicated recipes. So, basically, you put yourself through hell, and get little, to no results!

apple-pieIn addition to that downside, these non-holistic programs focus on one area, and neglect the whole. For this reason, these types of programs are almost impossible to use on a long-term basis. For instance, it is not practical because it is just not likely that someone is going to count every carb for the rest of their life. And the unfortunate part of crash, or fad diets, is that they truly do “crash,” and– they take you along with them.

These programs are not practical, and do not consider the whole body and its needs. When people stop restricting themselves, they gain most, or all of the weight back they lost on the diet, and sometimes, put on MORE weight than they actually started with.

Not only are these diets very time consuming, they can be very defeating, as well. And, there can be real health consequences, due to the fact that your weight is constantly yo-yo-ing. Holistic diets eliminate these multiple downsides, and can give you a program of stable, effective, and safe, weight-loss.

What is a Holistic Diet?

A holistic diet program focuses on whole-body health and does not strive for one particular iStock_000047561896_Smallbody type, waist size, or weight. By treating your body well, as a whole, you happen to lose weight. The goal of a holistic diet is not to make you a size 0. Or to make you have Barbie doll measurements.

The goal is measured in long-term benefits, such as, minimizing risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and metabolic syndrome, to name a few. Also, the goal is to help you to build lean muscle, which is possible, when you are getting the nutrients that you need. A holistic program like the Green Chicas Model was engineered with all of you in mind– your mind, body, and spirit.

The goal of a holistic diet is to provide you with a framework and channel for a lifetime of wellness and health. If you are overweight, or obese, a holistic diet will restore your body’s natural metabolic and fat-burning capabilities, and bring you back to a healthy weight– appropriate for your frame and build.

The premise is that you are changing the way you think and feel, not just shedding a size for a wedding, to put the pounds right back on. It is what is commonly called a “lifestyle change,” which could not be more accurate.

Another cornerstone in holistic health practices is striving for balance– not perfection. The essence of how a holistic weight-loss program can benefit you is captured in this metaphor by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP:

“Think of your body like your home. When everything is running smoothly in my house, I can create delicious meals in a well-organized kitchen, I can entertain and enjoy my guests, I can feel the sunlight beaming through the windows, I feel at peace yet poised to resolve a crisis if one should arise, I feel spontaneous and generous.

Even my family seems to get along better when the house is in order. This is also true of our bodies. When all the major systems are in balance, we not only feel good, but our adrenal glands are able to protect us, our hormones relay their messages smoothly, our digestive system can adequately nourish us, and we can efficiently get rid of or ‘detoxify’ the things we don’t need. All of our systems depend on one another and if one is out of balance, the others can suffer, making weight loss a miserable uphill battle.”

Green algae superfood.Holistic nutrition and wellness programs are suitable for everyone, whereas, a low-carb diet may not be suitable for everyone. For instance, a low-carb diet is not ideal for someone who engages in aerobic activity on a regular basis. A low-fat diet is not good for children, pregnant women, or the elderly. But, anyone can benefit from the cleansing, and restoration of balance, in organ systems that a holistic diet provides.

These programs can work for anyone because they basically take us back to basics, and implement whole, and raw foods, which is what the body needs to function at an optimal level. You will feel much better, also. Most holistic dietary programs are highly plant-based, and are largely against consuming foods that have any refined sugar, salt, or are processed.

So, choosing a holistic program seems like a no-brainer. Still not convinced that a holistic program can help you shed pounds?

See what Pick, a leading holistic health practitioner has to say about holistic nutrition and weight-loss:

“Discovering if you have a systemic imbalance in your body may be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle. Whether it’s hormonal imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, neurotransmitter, digestive, inflammatory, or detoxification system imbalance, correcting it is key to natural and lasting weight loss — and to your overall health. Because once your body is restored to its natural balance, excess weight will come off.”









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