DIY Tinted Moisturizer Makeup

By Jennifer Colalillo April 15, 2015 In Holistic Lifestyle 0 Comments.

Have you ever tried to wear natural makeup and it just doesn’t cut it? or have you worn make up and it ends up making you look older and dries out your skin making you look like a raisin?

Well have no fear, my Green Chicas I have the perfect balance for you and it will be the perfect balance to what you need… Plus it’s a Do It Yourself project! I love DIY.

jar of cream

         Here is what you’ll need:

  • a glass jar container for your makeup
  • your favorite foundation (organic)
  • your favorite hydrating cream
  • a brush or popsicle stick for mixing

Now let’s get started

Skin care. Moisturizing cream in female hands

1. Take 1 part of your favorite  hydrating organic cream and place it in the jar. Choose something that is super hydrating and without harsh chemicals. Your skin is so important. Even something with some SPF is always great too!

Liquid foundation

2. Get your favorite natural liquid foundation and make sure it matches your skin.  Do a little test with the inside of your wrist to match your face. Don’t pick a shade that is too different from your body as it will be VERY noticable. Take for every 1 part of face cream, take 2 parts of the liquid foundation and place it into the jar. 

Foundation with makeup brush

3. Mix everything very well with a brush or popsicle stick. If you feel there is not enough foundation, just add more for the right amount of coverage you prefer. Another little tip which is totally **Optional: you can add a few drops of rose hip oil for extra radiance & hydration.

Voilà! There You Have it!

jar of cream

Now you have the PERFECT natural tinted moisturizer that you made yourself!

Make sure to tag me in your version on instagram or facebook to see how you did!


Jennifer Colalillo

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