Tummy Tuck Cereal Recipe

flat tummy cereal

Here is a cheap and easy way to enjoy cereal without the gluten, sugar and overly processed expensive “organic” store bought kind.


  • 1 cup of organic rolled oats or dehydrated buckwheat
  • 2 tbsp of flaxseeds
  • ½ cup of raisins or other dried fruit
  • ½ chopped apple
  • ½ cup of raw organic almonds
  • Fresh fruit of choice (berries)
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • Pinch of celtic sea salt
  • Drizzle of maple syrup


1.Mix all ingredients in a big soup bowl
2. Pour almond or coconut milk to the desired amount needed.

Enjoy this Raw Green Chica approved “Tummy Tuck Cereal” instead of all that processed, sugar filled store bought kind.


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