Becoming healthy and learning how to love yourself is not an overnight process. It takes everything you have! You have to put your heart into it– especially if you are struggling to lose/gain weight. Healthy living may not be hard for everyone. We all have different backgrounds; but, all of us have to make choices on a daily basis regarding what we put into our bodies and how we take care of it. It can feel like an uphill battle at times, and you may want to throw the towel in, but DON’T! You can do it! You can do anything with a little help from the Raw Green Chica!

The Problem

Culture influences everything, including what we eat. Unfortunately, if the culture you live in is rush, rush, rush, very little time is spent in preparing healthful meals. In the same breath, that does not mean you have to slave away in the kitchen for hours to prepare a nutritious meal! There is a happy medium.

Convenience and fast food is a great idea– in theory. It’s fast and easy, and who doesn’t want more of that in this day and age? But, the huge downside to buying processed and packaged foods is that there is rarely any real nutritional value within the product, and it is likely the ingredients in the food itself may be toxic for your body.

The Solution

What if you could have the best of both worlds? And, what if someone did all the prep work for you? Sounds like a dream-come-true! The secret to the Green Chicas Model is using less ingredients, eating raw, detoxing, and staying active. In doing so, you actually save a lot of time because your meals are simplified. And, you are actually eating food, not a bunch of processed mess with no nutrients!

You have to live the Green Chicas Model, on a daily basis. We all have slip-ups, and none of us are perfect, but part of the Green Chicas Model is about loving yourself and giving yourself permission to make a mistake without beating yourself up over it. Become a Chica today. Let the Raw Green Chica help you to change your lifestyle. While no one can do it for you, there are people who can help you along the way.

The Raw Green Chica and other Chicas around the world can help you conquer your fears and value YOU! How you treat your body is directly related to how much you value yourself. If you think you are worth nothing, you probably aren’t going to put anything valuable into your body. When you start caring about yourself, you start caring about how you treat yourself.

The hardest part is starting the process, so take the first step toward improving yourself, today. The Green Chicas Model, Flat-Tummy Detox, and Bridal Detox will give a fresh start and a new outlook. Forget fad diets and crazy workout routines. The Raw Green Chica simplifies everything for you– down to beverages! All you have to do is read the e-book and try to start every day on a positive note. Each new day offers us a new chance to reset our lives. If you don’t like how you’re living and how you feel, change it!

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