Holistic Bridal Edition Detox

The Raw Green Chica’s Bridal Edition Detox Program is engineered to give you the results you want on your wedding day, so you feel like the amazing chica you are on the inside and the outside! Even if you are not a bride, the Bridal Edition Detox will give you the extra boost you need to feel your best for any special event or day.

A combination of expert detox tips and meal planning, the Bridal Edition Detox was formulated by women, for women! If you are following the Green Chicas Model, you will have added benefits from the Bridal Edition Detox. You will be detoxing on a daily basis through the Green Chicas Model, but the Bridal Edition Detox kicks up your detoxing a few notches to make you glow– from the inside, out!

You can start the Bridal Edition Detox anywhere from three weeks to one month prior to your special date. Also, almost anyone can do it. But, remember to consult with your physician on a regular basis. If you are starting a new health or lifestyle regime, it is important to run that by your physician or nutritionist. Jennifer Colalillo, the Raw Green Chica, is a certified Holistic Nutritionist. The detox consists of a few special ingredients– all of which can be found between your grocery store and specialty health foods store.

It is important for brides, or members of the bridal party, to have a stress-free environment so that she can thoroughly enjoy her big day, free of anxiety. Yes, we all want to look and feel our best at all times. But, we want to ensure that we are sparkling and glowing on the wedding day. The only way you can achieve this is to fill your body with the nutrients and minerals, and remove unwanted toxins and chemicals.

But, few of us know how to safely perform a detox. The Raw Green Chica delivers you the guide to looking and feeling your best, with a big white wedding bow on top! The guess-work is taken out. All you have to do is follow the program. You can rest easily knowing that what you are following is a tried-and-true, safe method for detoxing. There are several programs out there that are simply unsafe. Do not fall prey to these programs. You definitely do NOT want to compromise your health before your big day! The Bridal Edition Detox guarantees you with a safe and holistic detox that will make you feel like the special bride you are!

Of course, getting regular exercise and participating in stress-reducing activities, like taking walks and doing yoga, are all very important for the soon-to-be bride. Stress can create more toxins, and we do not want that! While the Bridal Edition Detox is the perfect remedy for a chica in need of a kick-started detox, the Green Chicas Model will have you looking and feeling your best all year long. Following both programs will improve your health greatly, which is the most important thing to the Raw Green Chica.

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