The Green Chicas Model program is based on a holistic lifestyle– so it’s only natural that fitness is a key component. Again, this is a lifestyle change, not a DIET. So, if you are living a healthier, greener lifestyle, movement is essential. Getting our heart rates up and blood circulating are two benefits of exercising, among many others. Exercising stabilizes the “feel good” chemicals in our brain, which is very important for weight-loss and maintenance. The Green Chicas Model is all about getting back to basics– helping you to make the most of what you already have to achieve your health and wellness goals.

What is Living a Healthy Lifestyle All About?

We all know we should be getting regular exercise, but exercise is a MUST if you are detoxing. Think of getting physical as another form of detox: au naturelle! When you sweat, you excrete toxins from your body. Staying regularly “detoxed” is the best way to avoid many health problems, like inflammatory disease(s), heart disease, and cancer, to name a few. Organs function much better, and more efficiently, when they are not muddled with toxins. If your body is toxic, you may experience some of these common symptoms: frequent pains or headaches, lethargy, and lower immunity.

Living an active lifestyle is not defined by how many pounds you can deadlift! Weightlifting and body building simply are not for everyone. The Green Chicas Model will provide you with the expert fitness tips and advice for living actively– for the average Chica!

What if the Gym Routine Hasn’t Worked For Me in the Past?

While regular exercise is one component of the Green Chicas Model, there are non-traditional ways of staying active. Start taking the stairs, park further away from the store, walk to the farmer’s market, or go on a hike. There are many opportunities throughout the day to increase your activity level(s).

This is where the word “lifestyle” comes in. As opposed to going to the gym and grinding out an hour of cardio on a treadmill every day at 5:30, the lifestyle of a Green Chica is about achieving optimal health and wellness, not about looking thin! If the gym is anxiety-producing, then STOP going to the gym! Health and wellness is impacted by stress levels and overall happiness. If running outdoors is what makes you happiest, then run outside! This shift in lifestyle is what makes attaining and MAINTAINING health possible.

With that said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the gym on a daily basis, if that is what works for you. But, I, like many others, have fallen prey to the “gym-slump.” The gym-slump is: 1) not mixing up your routine, and not challenging different muscle groups 2) thinking that your hour at the gym clears you from partaking in any other physical activities for the day.

There will be days you can’t make it to the gym. Which is where the No Gym Workout Plan comes in. If you are “gym’d out,” or want to mix up your routine, check out the Raw Green Chicas No Gym Workout Plan. The No Gym Workout Plan, coupled with the Flat Tummy Detox, can help you to get where you would like to be.

A cosmetic benefit of detoxing is a flat tummy. The Raw Green Chica’s Flat Tummy Detox is for any woman who wants to look and feel amazing. It’s a super-charged version of the Green Chicas Model program. Clients love the Flat Tummy Detox; if you are a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or just want to feel good in your bikini, you have all the reason you need to begin your detox.

The Raw Green Chica advises Chicas to stay away from crash/fad diet and exercise combinations. Get on board with the Raw Green Chica and the Green Chicas Model, and you are guaranteed to have a balanced plan for both nutrition and fitness. Becoming healthy is not easy– but it is so worth it.

What is so fabulous about the Green Chicas Model e-book is that all the planning and thinking is done for you! Your part is putting what we already know to be true into action. You can’t take action if you don’t move! So, jump off your couch, get out there, and get moving, Chicas!

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