Bridal Edition Detox

The Raw Green Chica developed the Bridal Edition Detox while trying to prepare herself for her big day. The Bridal Edition Detox is not just for brides or the wedding party– anyone can benefit from a little extra boost in their detox. The Bridal Edition Detox is designed to create a flawless complexion and great figure, and help you shed those last few pounds before your day. It is available for anyone wanting to kick up their detox program a few notches. The Raw Green Chica’s Bridal Edition Detox can guarantee if you follow the program as suggested, you will see exceptional results and feel your very best on your wedding day!



" The Raw Green Chica has done for me what no other weight loss program has ever done before. I not only shed pounds, but I now eat and live a completely healthy holistic lifestyle."

Jessica H.

“Jennifer is an incredible firecracker of a woman. She has helped so many moms like me who forget about ME as a priority, and most importantly she helped me with her programs “bring my sexy back” in my 40s!! AMAZING!! ”


“Jennifer has CHANGED my life sooo much!!! I used to be overweight and was a TOXIC time bomb waiting to explode, but she helped save me from all the damage I was doing to my body. ”


"I never really stopped to take a good look at my health and wellness until I came across Jen's program (referred by a friend). 6 months later I'm excited to stop and look into the mirror at the fabulous person looking back at me. Jen, you are awesome!"