The Muscle Man’s Detox

Bodybuilding and weightlifting can be very strenuous on the body– creating inflammation and pain. Also, the majority of the products used to increase muscle mass are filled with artificial flavors and a thousand different chemicals. All of these make the body toxic. If you want to build muscle and enhance your health, your body needs to be free-radical free! Achieve optimal results with the Muscle Man’s Detox.



" The Raw Green Chica has done for me what no other weight loss program has ever done before. I not only shed pounds, but I now eat and live a completely healthy holistic lifestyle."

Jessica H.

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"I never really stopped to take a good look at my health and wellness until I came across Jen's program (referred by a friend). 6 months later I'm excited to stop and look into the mirror at the fabulous person looking back at me. Jen, you are awesome!"